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St. Martin & Bourque

Here in Southern Louisiana, St. Martin and Bourque is a name that stands out in the field of personal injury litigation, particularly in the areas of maritime/offshore, aviation, truck and automobile accidents and nursing home negligence. With a history that spans more than forty years, our firm is uniquely experienced in defending the rights of clients against some of the most powerful corporate interests.

We are dedicated advocates of the people we serve whose lives have been dramatically altered by the misconduct or negligence of others. Over the years, we have been able to help them be fairly compensated through verdicts for many millions of dollars. It’s this deep commitment to protect the rights of victims and their families that drives our determination to provide them the best recoveries and service that can be attained. And it’s what drives us to research, plan and fight strategically on each and every case.

Because your rights are everything.

“Over the years, one of the biggest changes in industry is the increasing size of the companies. These international conglomerates today are huge. Sometimes they seem to think they’re above the law, and individual rights get brushed aside. That’s when we fight.”

“Whether injured by an automobile, big rig, vessel, offshore platform, doctor or hospital, we make the law work for you. As part of our representation, we’ll fully research the law to ensure that each client receives the best possible results.”

“There are many specialized issues in our cases because of the unique equipment involved. Whether it’s a platform in the Gulf or on a helicopter, when something goes wrong the results can be catastrophic. That’s when these families depend on us.”
“When you’re the victim of an automobile accident, your life changes completely, but insurance companies will try to keep you from getting what you’re entitled to. We use facts, details and recreations to show where fault lies to help our clients rebuild their lives.”
“Here, in south Louisiana, we know how important it is to protect our families. When one of our neighbors is injured, especially at sea or in the air, we use our experience, skill, and knowledge to seek justice and hold wrongdoers accountable.”