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Firm Overview

St. Martin & Bourque is an experienced and deeply rooted Gulf South law firm committed to fighting for the best results for clients and their families through strategic and highly personalized representation. If you or one of your loved ones suffer harm, our team will use all of our experience and expertise to fight for you.

At St. Martin & Bourque we understand the value of working as a team and we know that the power of our team is only enhanced by working closely with our clients. Here, in south Louisiana, our clients are our neighbors and friends. We believe that each case deserves individual attention to achieve the best results.

Often times we find ourselves opposite formidable adversaries, powerful corporations and conglomerates. Our team has experience fighting against these giants. Not only do we have the court room capabilities, the access to experts, and the access to event recreation technology, our attorneys know the ins and outs of the local industries, whether on land, in the air or at sea. We know the right strategies to get you what you need and will guide you to an efficient and effective result.

Our attorneys have made their lives in the Gulf Coast and are involved not only the legal community, but in the community at large. We know how important family and friends are here. But, unfortunately, we’ve seen big companies try to take advantage of our region’s friendly and welcoming spirit. If you find yourself or one of your loved ones injured, we’re here to protect you, your rights, and your way of life.